Monday, April 12, 2010

current UFO

This is one of the current UFO's I'm working on. I'm seperating the flying geese units and reassembling them into a different looking block. I've packed this UFO into the container below it for a carry along project. The next time I have idle time, I can work on it.


  1. Just been glancing back through your blog...not really reading. Yet. Does it help having this blog dedicated to UFO's. I have never sat down and made a list of things I need to finish...almost afraid to.

  2. Rose, my UFO list has about 100 items on it. It's in a file on my computer. Blogging about finishing UFO's helps me to concentrate on getting more UFO's done. I do know that I'm starting less UFO's, since I started keeping track of how many I finish.